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A culinary Journey begin
Canelones - Uruguay

Growing up in the small town of Canelones, Uruguay began its culinary journey at the young age of 14. He started as an apprentice in the pastry shop of Maxinel, one of the most popular bakeries in Uruguay, where he developed the skills of bakery, pastry and catering. Over time, he graduated and managed the entire operation.

Mastering his craft
Montevideo - Uruguay

With an unquenchable desire to continue
developing his culinary skills, Chef Fernando went on to master his craft at the Crandon Institute of International Gastronomy. At the Crandon Institute, he was classically trained and learned to perfect his culinary techniques in French, Italian, and Latin cuisines.

Hard Work and Refinement of his Skills
Connecticut - US

He later moved to Wilton, Connecticut, balancing part-time jobs and his passion at a variety of American restaurants, including: Hotel Americano, Rocking Raw Vegan, Sweetgrass Farm to Table, Jack's Steak House, and Bianco Rosso. He took a risk and started developing menus and recipes from scratch.

Bringing the experience of the senses
Miami - US

His most recent move to Miami has given him the experience of working at food trucks where he created fusions such as Mediterranean tapas. Then he move on to Working with celebrity chef Brian Aaron at Aaron's Catering, where he learned what it takes to serve high-profile clients, such as Chris Bosh and the Kardashians. Today, Fernando is now the chef and owner of Root n Seeds Cantin.

Now and Beyond

My focus is to create an inclusive environment where the menu provides something for everyone regardless of their lifestyle. Specialties include: a fulltapas menu as well as a variety of italian, seafood, mexican ,japonese and vegan options. Creating culinary experiences is my art, and I hope that when you taste my food, you savor the culture and passion of each country.

My job is to help you create new experiences and enjoy excellent food that allows you to remember it as a great and lasting moment.


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Private Chef experience

We’ve all gained a new appreciation for our homes in 2020, a feeling of gratitude that’s sure to stay with us into the future.

One of the most enriching activities that takes place within our households is the family meal, as it affords you and your loved ones valuable and unique bonding opportunities.

Chef Fernando Gomez is ready to utilize his world-class skills to take your enjoyment of those breakfasts, lunches and dinners to new heights with his renowned private chef services. No matter the occasion, Chef Fernando’s tantalizing kitchen creations offer you, your family and guests customized dishes that are prepared to your exact specifications and served right in the comfort of your own home.

Chef Fernando’s vast experience enables him to offer you a full restaurant-style menu that he brings to life in your very own kitchen. As your private chef, he and his staff take on all aspects of meal preparation based on your requests, leaving you, your family and friends to simply sit back and savor the delicious results of his culinary expertise!

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Want to create a menu for your next event that’s both delicious and diverse?

Chef Fernando Gomez’s acclaimed catering services will ensure your selection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts becomes the highlight of your very satisfied guests’ conversations!

With Chef Fernando’s extensive experience in culinary production management for a wide range of events and a diverse client base, he and his team deliver dining options that seamlessly align with the event’s atmosphere and mood.

Chef Fernando has brought his world-class catering to grand celebrations of various milestones, weddings, professional networking events, and a wide array of different occasions, hosted by a distinguished portfolio of celebrities and professional athletes.

Start your journey to an unforgettable dining experience by reaching out to Chef Fernando for his exceptional catering services!

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Looking to elevate your yacht experience with a perfect balance of delicious and diverse seafood dishes?

Chef Fernando’s services will transform your yacht gathering into a culinary masterpiece, making your selection of seafood appetizers, main courses, and desserts the talk of your guests. With extensive experience in managing and coordinating culinary production for a wide range of events and an eclectic client base, Chef Fernando and his team provide dining choices that perfectly match the atmosphere and mood of the event.

Chef Fernando has provided his world-class services for gatherings, large celebrations, milestone events, professional networking functions, and an extensive array of different events in the comfort of a yacht.

Your path to an unforgettable dining experience on the open water begins when you contact Chef Fernando about his exclusive yacht chef services!


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